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My311 is your online web-link that contains all the information you need to succeed with the 311 Program.  This no-frills simple one-page site helps you to quickly understand how the 311 Program works, and features one-click links to the eBook, Watch instructions, food chart, success tips, and answers to common questions.

Your My311 webpage also includes an interactive weight loss chart where you can log your weight each day and track your progress.

Each 311 Program purchase includes one (1) year of access to the My 311 Website.  You can also renew your access each year for only $6, which includes a NEW replacement Battery for your Watch, so you can use the 311 Program again anytime that you like.

311 & The Weight Loss Watch - Tri-Fold Food Chart

When your 'disconnected' or simply desire speed and convenience, the 311 Program also includes a Tri-Fold Food Chart.  Perfectly sized to fit into your purse, wallet, or pocket, the 2.75" x 2.75" Food Chart folds out to an easy-to-read 5.5" x 8.25" size and is printed on durable coated paper.  The Food Chart is similar to the My311 online Food Chart and includes a list of common foods and their associated portion amounts, making it quick and simple to decide what to eat.

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